Polskamp uses the state of the art technological and organisational solutions that are available on the market nowadays. At Polskamp we have a highly automated and computerized  production line which eliminates a direct contact between product and human during the production process thereby involving minimal labour input. 

Currently, none of poultry processing companies in Poland is exclusively focused on the production of MDM , and what is more such production has incidental and marginal manner. They produce  MDM on the occasion of their activity concerning the slaughtering , evisceration and further processing of poultry. At Polskamp however, the production is maintained  in the mass way which utilizes advanced processing technology thus enabling to produce the best of quality MDM.

At Polskamp we observe full HACCP, GHP, GMP procedures and process documentation. A highly trained and experienced  Quality Assurance team test our products at every stage of the process. All our products are metal detected during production and both chemical and microbilogical testing is carried out in our own on-site modern laboratory with the supervision of veterinary official .These checks and records provide full material traceability of both raw material and our final product to ensure that all legal requirements are met.

At its disposal Polskamp has the fleet of trucks refrigerators and according to customer preference offers the product for sale on delivered basis. Polskamp can also offer worldwide delivery by sea container and railway section, as appropriate, in association with a range of reputable transport and logistics companies.


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