The company was established in 2004 and is a part of LGI group. In 2007 Polskamp launched the brand new poultry processing factory and since then has specialized in production of mechanically deboned poultry meat ( MDM) as well as such products as hamburgers , frankfurters, nuggets chicken fillets etc.

Polskamp produces 30 000 tons of MDM annually. As Polish leading producer of mechanically deboned meat Polskamp boasts an impressive portfolio of regular customers based home and overseas. The key to this development has been the unwavering focus upon quality of the product as well as customer service. Ongoing and substantial investment in the fabric of the operation demonstrates our ambition to further develop the business via new markets and associated products.

At Polskamp we understand the importance of both quality and price in today’s competitive world. Price is important but not when it comes at the expense of quality. Quality is important but only at a price our customers can afford. We think we strike the correct balance and continually strive to “raise the bar” in terms of both quality and efficiency in all we do.

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